At POFIX, we understand that the foundation of our success lies not only in the unparalleled quality of our products but also in our ability to deliver them efficiently and reliably to our clients. In our continuous effort to exceed expectations and enhance customer satisfaction, we proudly highlight our dedicated fleet of over 50+ trucks, serving the region and across Europe.

Driving Excellence in Transportation

Our logistics are the backbone of our operation, ensuring that from the moment our products leave the production line, they are on a direct path to our clients, safe and sound. This fleet, an embodiment of our commitment to operational excellence, allows us to maintain control over the delivery process, guaranteeing that our high-quality products, including the innovative POFIX XPS 300 and our new Graphite EPS, reach their destination in optimal condition.

Beyond Borders: A Pan-European Network

POFIX’s logistics network spans across Europe, reflecting our ambition to be as close as possible to our clients, wherever they may be. Owning and operating our fleet grants us the flexibility to respond to orders swiftly, reduce delivery times, and navigate the logistical challenges that can often arise in international trade. It’s a testament to our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding the logistical expectations of our clients.

A Sustainable Journey Forward

Our commitment extends beyond just timely deliveries; sustainability is at the heart of our logistics operations. We continuously seek to optimize routes, reduce emissions, and implement eco-friendly practices across our transportation network. This approach not only enhances our operational efficiency but also aligns with our vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

Partnership on Wheels

For POFIX, every delivery is a mission to build and strengthen partnerships. Our fleet is more than just a set of trucks; it’s our promise of reliability, efficiency, and care to our clients. We take pride in every kilometer traveled, as it represents another step towards fulfilling our clients’ needs, on time, every time.

As we look to the future, POFIX remains dedicated to investing in our logistics and transportation capabilities. Our goal is to continue improving our service, ensuring that we remain the partner of choice for quality construction materials across Europe and beyond.

POFIX – Delivering Quality, Building Trust.